Sunday, March 20, 2011


Excerpted from my memoir, FLASHBACKS.
Probably a second or so before getting a couple of ribs cracked by an inept stunt man in Marrakech, Morocco, while shooting MISSION APOCALYPSE. Stunt fighting isn't as dangerous as working with horses or taking long falls, but actors should know the fudamentals; stunt men should know a great deal more.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Jon Storm, ex-LAPD detective exiled to Mexico, returns to California with a film crew substituting for the star’s double, whom he has injured in a brawl.
In California, he meets an old rival, Ned Davenport, now a United States Senator lusting to be president. Davenport’s past is his problem and Storm is part of it. When the senator’s financial backer is murdered, Storms affair with the victim’s wife, a scheming beauty, makes him an instant suspect. To clear himself, he reverts to his old skills, plunging into a maze of corruption and colliding ambitions in the intersecting worlds of California politics and Hollywood hi jinks.

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