Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recently Captain Honor,Commander of an aircraft carrier, was fired from his command for showing raunchy films to his crew in order to provide a little humorous entertainment during long hours at sea. From all accounts he was an exceptional officer and still has the full support of his crew.
Over half a century ago, when I was in the Marine Corps, we pretty much worshipped a Commandant named Chesty Puller, a profane tyrant who fought alongside his men and made sure they had everything they wanted when they drew liberty. Everything!
Jesus! Imagine firing Chesty over a few feet of film!
Well, we now live under a Commander in chief with no military experience, no liking for anything military, no interest in any thing but sucking up (ducking and bowing) to every third world nonentity who, along with everyone else, holds him in contempt for his weakness and inexperience.
Let's hope this New Year will at least put a dent in his program of surrender and socialism!

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