Thursday, May 17, 2012


Trading a smile for a sneer. Bad guys have more fun. On or off camera. Or, as some have unkindly suggested, these parts are a better fit. Above left, playing the smooth heavy in 'Taste of the Savage' with Cameron Mitchel and Isela Vega. In the center with Nadia Milton in 'Sin Salida' (No Way Out). A truly evil couple, we had the mob , the millions, the mansion. At right, in the same film, confronting Jorge Rivero,  Mexico's action star of the era. We take each other down in a welter of gore.
The above films are all covered in the author's autobiography, FLASHBACKS. These pictures weren't what you'd call classics. They are among many covered in the book, shot all over the world to usually end up in America as 'midnight movies', so called because that's when they generally showed up on U.S. TV. Most of the fun, romance and misadventure took place off screen and that is what this story is about.
FLASHBACKS is available on Amazon and e-book platforms.

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